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Organic Baby Sleeping Bag | Thermal Baby Sleep Sacks for Winter

Organic Baby Sleeping Bag | Thermal Baby Sleep Sacks for Winter

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Limited Promotion Sale only in Summer for these winter baby clothes!!! Shop now for your Autumn/Winter coming babies! Price will back to normal after Summer!

Introducing our Organic Baby Sleeping Bag | Thermal Baby Sleep Sacks for Winter, a masterpiece in winter warmth and organic comfort, highly recommended by leading baby sleep specialists in Canada. This romper-style baby sleeping bag is designed to cocoon your little one in both softness and warmth, providing the ideal sleeping environment for your baby's sweet dreams.

Elevate your baby's winter wardrobe with our GOTS-certified organic cotton sleeping bag, available in two charming colors - Ash Pink with embroidered little foxes for girls and Misty Grey featuring embroidered teddy bears for boys. The cute embroidery adds a delightful touch to these cozy sleep companions.

Key Features:

  • Triple Lock Temperature Design: Our baby sleeping bag, made with high-quality organic cotton, incorporates a triple lock temperature design for optimal comfort. Perfect for indoor temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius (46.4 to 57.2°F).

  • Zipper Open Design: The zipper-open feature with cute embroidery designs offers both functionality and style. Choose from two colors to suit your baby's personality.

  • Size Range: Suitable for newborns up to 15 months old, with the 12-18M size extending the coziness until your little one reaches 20-22 months.

  • Premium Ultra Soft & Comfy: Crafted with care, our baby sleeping bag promises a premium ultra-soft and comfy experience.

  • Modern & Feature, Healthy & Safety: Embrace modern features while prioritizing your baby's health and safety. The addition of warm hollow fiber enhances the insulation, ensuring your baby stays warm and snug.

  • Quality Guarantee: We absolutely love our baby sleeping bags, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. The promise of quality ensures that your little one experiences the utmost comfort in every slumber.

Explore the world of organic baby sleeping bags with Eotton - where warmth meets organic goodness.


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