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How to Choose Baby Clothes - Part 2

How to Choose Baby Clothes - Part 2

-- Textile experts who have been in the industry for 28 years tell you a simple method of judging


This episode will share with you knowledge about knitted fabrics


Knitted fabrics are divided into warp knitting and weft knitting in terms of weaving methods. Warp-knitted fabrics are mostly made of chemical fibers or artificial fibers or mixed raw materials. Warp-knitted fabrics have almost no elasticity in the radial direction and little elasticity in the weft direction. The fabric structure is not easy to disassemble. Most of them are used for home textile bedding or fashion garments. Velvet cloth, sofa release, table cloth and the most popular and cheap terry cleaning cloth; most of the knitted garments that are more commonly used in weft-knitted fabrics use pure cotton, cotton polyester, wool yarn, chemical fibers and artificial fibers. Both directions have good elasticity, and the fabric structure is easy to disassemble. Most of the cotton wool cloth, jersey cloth, roman, pique, terry cloth, brushed cloth, etc. on the market are all weft-knitted clothing fabrics.


Knitted fabrics are divided into the following raw materials

Natural fibers: Silk Fabric

Natural fibers: animal fibers such as wool and rabbit fur

Natural fibers: linen, or a blend of linen and cotton

Natural fibers: pure cotton, usually refers to 100% cotton or more than 95% cotton with less than 5% functional raw materials (such as the most common Lycra, which is used to increase the elasticity of the fabric)

Semi-natural fibers blend: CVC, the proportion of cotton and polyester is higher than 50%, such as 50/50 cotton/polyester or 80/20 cotton/polyester

Synthetic fibers and natural fibers blends: the most common bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber

Synthetic fibers and natural fibers blends: cotton polyester, the most common blend is 65% polyester 35% cotton

100% Synthetic chemical fibers, the most common swimwear fabric, etc.


Because what we share with you is more focused on the materials used in ready-made clothing, especially the fabrics used in children's and baby clothing, so we focus on sharing pure cotton knitted fabrics. From the raw material composition of the above fabrics, it can be seen that the basic raw material grades are high and low. Natural fibers silk is the most expensive and cotton fibers products are the earliest and most popular natural fiber products developed by human beings. So whether we choose clothes for ourselves or for babies, of course, the first choice is the basic pure cotton products.

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