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Stop Using Bamboo Material for Your Little Baby

Why do disgusting stories keep repeating?
Remember the story of Teflon? Many years ago, DuPont invented the Teflon material that prevents the bottom of the pot from sticking. Even though professionals in the industry know that the material is toxic to the human body, Teflon has been selling well in the market for many years. Consumers only know that the pot coated with Teflon is easy to clean and easy to use, plus the sentiment promoted by the merchant is environmentally friendly, clean and easy to clean. The market sales soared, almost monopolizing the entire tableware market. Finally one day DuPont admitted that C8 in the product is a strong carcinogen.
Will bamboo fiber become the second Teflon?
Bamboo fiber products were initially found to be extracted by physical methods. Even though this physical advance process uses a lot of acid-base chemicals, the cost of extracting bamboo fibers is still high and cannot be mass-produced. The environment causes immeasurable pollution, and the product cost is naturally high. So this real bamboo fiber product has not been widely used. But soon the monsters in the textile industry discovered this business opportunity - because the growth cycle of bamboo is very short and the raw material is cheap. High-tech companies have devoted all their efforts to developing a chemical method to extract bamboo cellulose, and then adding bamboo cellulose to man-made fiber viscose--an euphemistic name-environmental protection and sustainable bamboo fiber products. Then a series of products have been developed such as milk fiber fabrics, wood pulp fiber modal fabrics, soybean fiber sorona fabrics, and what's more, so-called environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo fiber baby tableware has been developed. The EU finally took the lead in banning bamboo fiber tableware from entering the EU market at the end of 2019!
It is undeniable that the development and progress of science and technology is naturally the driving force for the progress of the world. The advanced chemical neutralization methods of big technology companies prevent consumers from seeing how unbearable the initial process of refining raw materials is. What everyone sees is basically close to the finished product. The beautiful appearance and exaggerated publicity make it difficult for consumers to judge accurately. However, many new products still need to be used with caution in many unknown situations, especially in the field of newborn babies.
Whenever many consumers and friends ask me why I didn’t develop bamboo fiber baby products, as a senior textile expert, I know the true nature of the raw materials of bamboo fiber products on the market (in fact, artificial fiber viscose is added with bamboo cellulose), so we didn’t develop All bamboo fiber baby products.
Please all young parents remember that the most basic thing is that there are only four natural fibers in this world: cotton, linen, wool, and silk.

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